April Events!


April 2nd, Wine Down Friday, ALL Day

       (All wines 10% OFF for the Day)


April 7th, Tasting at Dr. Kim, 6-8pm.

       (Located 324 W. Norfolk Ave)


April 8th, Wine Tasting, 5-8pm.


April 12th-17th, MALBEC WEEK, All Malbec 10% OFF


April 16th, Wine Down Friday, All Day!!

        (All wines 10% OFF)


April 22nd, Wine Tasting, 5-8pm.


April 30th, Vino Amici, Doors open at 5:30-7:30 pm.

Tastefully Yours,



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All our events are held at

Jim's Fine Wine and More.

Come visit us:

2001 Market Lane #200, Norfolk, NE

in the Wetzel and Truex Building.

Norfolk NE Monthly Wine Events